Canada's Crusher Equipments-BDI

BDI Equipments is devoted in research, design and manufacture of various industrial equipment such as Jaw crusher, excavator, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, conveyor, screw washer, magnets, feeders 

crusher and more. Our equipment is widely used for sand and aggregates processing and ore crushing in industries of mining, quarry, construction, transportation, hydropower, energy, demolition, metallic recycling, etc.

BDI Equipments integrates with research and development, production and sales. After thousand times of experiments and tests, with rich design knowledge and experience, superb technology, high standard of quality assurance, our clients can sit back and have peace of mind with the equipment we supplied. Scientific designed production process, one-stop manufacture and outstanding logistics system help you maximize the profit with the minimal cost. 

Feature and Character

Wide range of application

It had unique advantages in crushing hard ore, pebbles, construction waste, etc. Varieties of standard crushing cavity types fully meet the production needs of fine, medium and coarse crushing.

Low operating cost

The continuous full load capacity during operation, automatically compensate for the wear of the liner and high efficiency of productivity minimize the unit production cost.

Easy to operate and maintain

Uncomplicated mechanical structure, one-key operation and easy to inspect reduced the maintenance cost.

Optimized design of crusher cavity

By using laminated crushing principle, the crushing efficiency is improved, the shape of the output product has better looking and the wear life of the lining parts is extended.

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